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What Is A Laser Range Finder Used For?

One of the most unique devices ever made with a laser is called a laser rangefinder. You have likely used one if you have played golf, worked on construction projects, or if you do surveying. They are able to tell you how far away an object is using unique calibrations within the device itself. Similar to radar, it is able to send out a laser beam, and based upon that distance, it can tell you how far away it is. Here is an overview of how they work and why you may want to own one for yourself.

How Do Laser Rangefinders Work?

Laser rangefinders are a little more complicated than a simple laser light. They actually use electromagnetic pulses that are intertwined with laser beams. These beams of light are then sent out by what is called an optoelectronic system. This is a system that uses both visuals or optics, combined with electronics and the laser to provide you with a distance. Once it is sent out, it is pointed at a specific target, causing the beam to be reflected off of the surface. That beam is then sent back to the device, allowing the distance to be measured, and in many cases, this will be extremely accurate.

Which Of The Best Ones To Get?

The best ones are currently rated as a Series 8 or a Series 9. The rating is based upon their level of sensitivity. The sensitivity of the laser Finder is based upon nanometers. For example, those that are lower in sensitivity will be in the 650 range. Those that are higher will be over 900 nm. In recent times, the Series 10 has become extremely popular. It will boast over 1000 nm, which makes them extremely accurate. There is also some concern regarding the use of these and whether or not they could damage or blind someone. In general, it is not recommended that you point any type of laser light at a person, and certainly not directly at their eyes.

Will A Laser Rangefinder Work At Night?

Although the laser on the rangefinder is going to work the same during the day or at night, it is how it is used that makes it useful or not. Simply stated, if you cannot see what you are pointing at, you will likely not strike a surface that can provide you with a reliable reading. If you are using this at night, such as for hunting at dusk or dawn, these will work perfectly. However, if you are hunting in the dead of night, there is a high probability that you are not going to aim at a target that you can see, and that will compromise your ability to get an accurate reading.

What Is The Best Use For A Laser Rangefinder?

The best use for any of these will depend upon what you need it for. For example, there are many people that use a rangefinder for the sport of golf. Others are going to use this for measurements related to construction projects. If you are a professional surveyor, these can save you a substantial amount of time by getting readings within seconds. They can also be extremely useful for hunters, allowing you to target animals that would otherwise not be seen unless you are using this technology.

Is This Something That You Need To Have?

In certain instances, it will be a necessity. For example, if you are shooting a gun, it can help you identify where the target is, sometimes within millimeters. Therefore, in this case, you will certainly need it if you are doing a substantial amount of hunting. If you are playing golf, beginners may want to use a laser rangefinder, or you may also use it if you are practicing archery. However, you will want to develop your own unique and innate skills for the sports. In this case, a rangefinder is only helpful if you are just learning to do something new.

How To Get A Good Deal On A Laser Rangefinder

There are two strategies that are very helpful in finding laser rangefinders that are extremely inexpensive. First of all, searching the Internet for information on them will inevitably lead you to advertisements for these products. You will find many different companies and stores that are selling hunting equipment, sporting goods, and many other stores that will have clientele that may find these to be useful. As you compare the different products and their prices, there will be one or two that will be much less expensive. As long as they are adequate for the job you are doing or the sport you are playing, you want to consider owning one of them while on sale. Just make sure that it comes from a reliable manufacturer known for producing the best laser rangefinders in the industry. This will likely lead you to one that will last for years and provide you with very accurate results, regardless of why you will need to use it.

If you have not used a laser rangefinder before, you may want to consider owning one if you are going to go hunting, practice archery, or if you will be shooting a gun for practice. On the other hand, it could be the most practical tool that you own if you are measuring distances for your job, such as in the construction industry. It is recommended that you compare the different models that are available from manufacturers that are well known. This will also enable you to find special discounts on them when available, helping you save what could be several hundred dollars on one of the top laser rangefinders available.